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After Seeding Turf Care

Wright Way Lawn Service Inc. will aerate, seed and fertilize your lawn to give it the best appearance you could ask for.  And after we're done what is your responsibility?  There are 3 factors that will help in the establishment of the seed. 

1. Watering

r seeded areas lightly, twice a day (6AM and 12PM if possible) for 15 minutes each time.  Avoid "run or puddling" in low and/or flat areas.  After seed has germinated 1", change your watering to DEEP WATERING.  That is an hour in each time zone 3 times a week. 

2. Leaf Removal

Keep leaves off seeded areas.  Leaves on new seedlings can kill the seedlings in just 2 days.  Do not use a rake if possible.  Blow leaves to woods or driveway then vacuum them up with a lawn mower or tarp them.

3. Mowing

Wait until the new grass has germinated and is 3" tall before mowing.  If new grass is growing among established turf, do not mow the existing turf until the new grass plants are 2" to 3" tall.  STOP WATERING 2 to 3 days before you mow so the lawn can dry out.  Bag clippings. 
*Depending on soil moisture and temperature, grass may not germinate for 12 to 16 days. 

Contact us if you have any questions. 

Wright Way Lawn Service, Inc.

Phone:  (804) 639-1554
Email:  wrightwaylawn@aol.com