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Lawn Maintenance

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Wright Way Lawn Services, Inc. has been providing lawn maintenance services in Richmond, VA and the Central VA area since 2003.  If your lawn is something you take great pride in and want to keep it looking like an oasis in your neighborhood, we're the company that can make that happen.  And no matter what's needed to keep your lawn looking plush, green and immaculate we've got you covered.  Whether it's shaded areas that need more watering and fertilization or you have spots that get a lot of sun and need to be watered regularly to keep the grass from becoming brown and dead, our lawn maintenance programs can keep that lawn looking perfect.  And if you have obstacles like benches, flag poles, pots, sticks, trash or anything else on your lawn we'll safely remove them before we begin work.  After we're done we'll make sure we put them back exactly how they were before.  That's the attention to detail we bring to the table.


Our Lawn Maintenance Programs include:


 1. Grass Cutting

 2. Fertilization

 3. Trimming of Crape Myrtles
 4. Mulching
 5. Weed Removal

 6. Pruning of Tress (12ft and below)

 7. Leaf Removal

 8. Spring Cleanup
 9. Parking Lot Maintenance
 10. Trimming of Hedges and Shrubs


Commercial or Residential no job is too big or too small for us.  And if you want to ensure that things like bushes and shrubs keep their beauty after we're done, we've prepared some helpful watering tips you can do to make sure these integral parts of your lawn keep their long term beauty.


Important Watering Tips:


 • Control weeds.

 • Do not lay black or clear plastic over the soil. Use mulch or landscaping fabric instead to allow water and air to circulate in the root zone.

 • Avoid sprinkling tree and shrub leaves with water. Salts in the water can damage the foliage and cause a fungus on the leaves as well as shot holes. 

 • If trees or shrubs are planted in turf, water them separately at the drip line.

 • If you water by hand, install a faucet timer and use a soaker hose.

 • Once or twice a year water three times longer than normal to help leach salts out of the root zone.

 • Expand the watering area as the plants grow.

 • Prevent runoff by retaining water in a basin around the plant or water at a slower rate

 • Watering in the early morning will be most efficient because of less wind and heat.

 • Use rainwater when possible.


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